Planning Tips: How To Travel By Campervan With Pets In Australia?

After being in our homes for more than a whole year, moving constantly between the living and bedroom rooms, we deserve some quality outdoor time. It’s now time to take a family trip.

However, they have been living in isolation ever since the Covid-19 outbreak. After a year of monotony, a camping trip amid nature can help you recharge and your dog will make it even better.

What are you waiting to do? Book a campervan rentals Australia. Pack your camping gear and go on an unforgettable adventure with the family. These tips will make sure your pet’s holiday is perfect.

Camping For Your Pet – A Comprehensive Guide

1. Look For Pet-Friendly Campsites

Researching pet-friendly campgrounds are the first step to planning a camping vacation with your four-legged friend. Contact campsites that welcome pets to ask about their facilities, and what the rules are. It is important to ensure your pet’s comfort by making sure there are pet-friendly amenities such as shade, play areas, walks around the campsite, and others.

You can find information on pet permissions in Australia’s National Parks by visiting trusted government websites.

2. Get Your Pet Microchipped And Vaccinated

You can camp with your pet in different states according to the rules. Avoid any surprises and ensure your pet’s vaccinations are current.

Microchipping your pets are vital. These chips will assist you in locating your pet if it gets lost or falls into the hands of someone else. Personalized collars can be made with your name or phone number to make it easy for anyone to reach you in case your pooch is lost.

3. Packing Essentials

As with everyone, your pet should have the necessary items for the trip. The most important things to take are:

  • Feeding bowls
  • Food
  • Additional water if camping is not possible
  • Treats
  • Plenty of poop bags
  • Toys & Bed
  • Medications
  • Travel Harness
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • Leash

You must provide proof of all vaccinations and your vet information.

4. Campervan With Pets

Your family can enjoy a unique experience by traveling in a campervan hiring together with their pet. Some pets love to ride; others prefer to be walked in slowly. Your pet’s personality and individuality will affect how your experience with campervans may be. You can still keep your furry friend happy and safe while they travel in a campervan.

5. Safety First

It is crucial to provide your pet with a safe space while they travel in the campervan. You have two options to protect your pet: either place them in a secure container or secure them in a chair.

6. Make Them Feel Comfortable

It is important to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Access to water and food is important. Even if your pet is not allowed to have a water bowl, you can give them a drink every so often. As irritation can result, don’t leave your pet hungry for too long.

Pay attention to the signals for bathroom use and take frequent bathroom breaks.

You must also let them move about when you stop. To let your dog’s energy flow, you should stop at a park or other place along the route.

Camping Tips

Make sure you inspect the campsite before you put up your tent. It is also important to be alert for poisonous animals and plants that are not on the beaten path.

You must ensure that your furry friends are comfortable regardless of the weather. To ensure that your dog has a comfortable sleeping environment, bring along some mats or beds for them.

It is important to check your dog frequently – Flesh and tick infestations are an inevitable part of camping in Australia with your four-legged friends. It is crucial to keep up with the medications and treatments for your dog. However, ticks, and fleas, should be checked on your dog at least once per day to ensure safety. After a long day in the outdoors, it is important to check for prickles/burrs under their toes as well as around their paws.