7 Things To Do Before You Buy CBD

It’s found in gummies. Tinctures, lotions. seltzers. CBD, a compound extracted from the cannabis flower, is found virtually everywhere. According to a report in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, 62% of CBD users are using it for medical reasons such as pain and anxiety. What about CBD oil? We have all the facts and answers you need before you try this new trend.

What Does Cbd Mean?

CBD, also known as a cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana is a natural compound found in two varieties of Cannabis. Cannabinoids affect signaling pathways in cells. These are the ways cells communicate with one another. They can have an impact on multiple systems of your body. CBD does not contain psychoactive properties, so it won’t get you stoned. Our bodies naturally produce chemicals that are very similar to CBD.

Want to try the new trend? These seven facts experts want to share with you before you get into CBD.

1. Talk To You Doctor

If you have pain, consult a specialist. Talk to a sleeping specialist if you are experiencing insomnia. It’s easy to see the point. You are telling your doctor that you don’t like what you’re doing and want to try something. Your physician might be able to recommend CBD products for you that other patients have enjoyed success with. Additionally, they may monitor your progress to see if any changes occur.

2. Learn More About Possible Interactions

The World Health Organization says CBD is generally safe and well-tolerated. However, rigorous safety research has yet to be conducted on CBD. Be sure to consult your doctor about any potential interactions before you try CBD. CBD can increase bleeding risk in people who are taking blood thinners. CBD should not be used if there are liver problems.

3. Consider Possible Side Effects

According to an FDA report, CBD use may cause diarrhea, somnolence, and/or anxiety.

4. Avoid It If You Are Pregnant

Certain cannabinoid receptors are found in the brains of fetuses as early as 14 weeks.

5. Do Some Investigating

Your doctor may have recommended a trusted manufacturer. Look for companies that are compliant with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices. Reputable manufacturing companies will also have their product tested by an independent laboratory. Look out for a certificate o analysis, also known as a COA. This is proof that the product has been independently tested. THC can contaminate CBD products in high enough concentrations to cause drug screen results. For someone working for an employer that has a zero drug policy, this could be a serious problem.

6. Be Ready To Pay A Premium

Expert states, Hemp seed oil doesn’t make much CBD so a lot is needed to get a concentrated products and that’s going to drive up their price. Third-party testing increases the price. An expert explains that CBD oil is often too expensive for its true worth.

7. You’ll Quickly Know If It Works.

An expert explains that CBD levels will peak within a couple of days. Expert states that if you are not experiencing the same effects as you had hoped after a couple of days, you should see your doctor.